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Our Work   - For over 30 years we have specialized in the investigation, engineering analysis, and reconstruction of  accidents and incidents  causing injury, death and property damage, and the engineering analysis of the safety of products, equipment and facilities involved in accidents and incidents. We have performed this work for both plaintiffs and defendants over this whole period.  If your matter is within the forensic areas in which we work please contact us to discuss this matter with us. There is a list of the Forensic Specialties below. If you are not sure whether your matter is within our area of work, we would like to discuss the matter with you to determine if it is something within our work area, and if it is, we would like discuss with you how we could handle your matter.

Qualifications of James D. Madden, P.E., Senior Forensic Engineer

The qualifications of James D. Madden, P.E., Senior Forensic Engineer,  Consulting and Testifying Forensic Engineer and Accident Reconstruction Engineer, are listed on the Experience & Qualifications page (select the button near the top of this page).

Forensic Specialties

We Work with the following Forensic Specialties:
  • consumer products 
  • equipment & machinery - industrial, commercial, construction, residential, farm & garden, etc.
  • workplace accidents - construction, industrial & commercial operations and facilities
  • premises, building and property accidents, including slips, trips & falls
  • traffic accidents, including roadway design and condition
  • equipment and industrial fires & explosions
  • hazardous combustion, including causing CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning
  • chemicals, gases & materials
Our work includes work with the following Basic Forensic Specialties as part of the work with the specialties listed above
  • human factors
  • safety design
  • safeguarding, guards
  • warnings
  • codes & standards

Typical Work Activities and Products

Our work may include any 
or all of the following, depending on the needs of the case:
  • inspection of the accident site, such as a roadway, outdoor facilities, buildings, or other facilities
  • inspection of the involved equipment, during operation (such as industrial equipment) or in damaged condition (such as post-crash vehicles)
  • photography or video, such as of the accident site and involved equipment
  • interviewing witnesses, often during the inspection of the accident site, equipment or product
  • review and study of case documents, evidence and applicable codes & standards
  • testing accident items and exemplar items, such as consumer products
  • calculations, graphical analyses, computer analyses, as required to analyze and reconstruct the accident
  • written reports and affidavits
  • drawings and exhibits, for analysis and testimony presentation
  • coordinating and/or interfacing with others during preparation of exhibits
  • testimony in deposition, trial or arbitration

Consultation  During Work

Consultation with James D. Madden, PE, a Professional Engineer, and Forensic Engineering Consulting and Testifying Expert Witness, is available to the client at all times during the work - before, during, and after the investigation, engineering analysis, reconstruction, report, and any other work on the case.

Geographic Area of Practice is North America

Over the last 30 years we have regularly worked on accidents which occurred in 
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and nearby , including inspections of accident sites, equipment, and facilities, with reports and testimony. During these 30 years we have also worked on accidents which occurred in other states , and equipment and facilities located in other states, with inspections of accident sites, equipment, and facilities from Kansas and Utah to Vermont and North Carolina , with reports and testimony for these accidents, when applicable.

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